“…Will is a fantastic Physio, he is calm and kind and has a rather holistic approach to things, which I quite liked. I recently booked a consultation with him because I was unhappy with a minor back pain. I was astonished by Will’s knowledge and his determination to get to the bottom of the issue. The consultation was unrushed and thorough and from then, Will proposed a series of exercises in order to help build strength which I have integrated in my morning routine. A few months in and I feel much better and thank Will for his expertise...”


“…As a Physiotherapist he is super-professional, and able to identify the root of problems. In a few sessions he ameliorated my condition where other therapists had failed, again with an impressive and detailed understanding of how bodies work, and with passionate commitment. Thank you Will!…”


"... Having experienced both 1:1 Physiotherapy and Pilates classes with Will I find him to be extremely thorough, painstaking and professional. He gave me a really detailed diagnosis/assessment and followed up with a great personal exercise plan. Excellent experience all round! ..."


"... Will is an excellent Physio and got to the central problem very quickly. His treatment and manner were exemplary and his price was surprisingly good. At no point did he clock watch, indeed he took the time to sort me out properly and discuss the various treatment options with no pressure whatsoever. I honestly cannot recommend this practitioner enough..."


"... I am now 70 and had a partial knee replacement three years ago. As Will is a family friend, he gave me first-class treatment from the day I got out of hospital. As a consequence, I was skiing, playing badminton, fell-walking etc within a few months of my operation, and my “new” knee is not only better than it was before, but is better than the other one! In fact, at the 1-year review at the hospital, my measured flexion was off the usual scale and the nurse had to make a special entry rather than tick a box! My advice is:

  • Start treatment very early after injury/operation etc

  • Follow Will’s advice to the letter

  • Most important, use Will Bourne-Taylor! ..."


"... Will is incredibly knowledgeable and has real expertise in running, Pilates and more. I went for my initial consultation today and it exceeded my expectations. Will was able to pinpoint the source of my hip pain and the various points of stiffness and referred pain. He also did a lot of massage and manipulation to release various areas of problem tightness and increase my range of movement. I went there also for some motivation and moral support, after 5 years of discomfort all over the shop when running, and I certainly got that! The thing which struck me today was Will is in this because he is passionate about it and fascinated by the body and movement. He will be keen to get to the bottom of your issues too. Thanks again, Will... "


“… William is a brilliant Physio and Pilates instructor.

He is a great communicator and really helps you understand what you are trying to achieve, whether it be a course of Physio or Pilates class.

I have been going to his Pilates classes for a number of years now and it is excellent; I am much stronger and fitter than I would have been had I not found him!

And a bonus, they are really fun with an excellent array of instruments of torture!

Thank you, Will! …”




“… The Pilates courses led by Will Bourne-Taylor are engaging, enjoyable and very professional. I have had recurring lower back issues for several years. Over the past year since joining the Pilates course my symptoms have improved and I am feeling the benefits. In our group of 12 people Will is alert to the individual differences and needs of each client and coaches to finesse movements during the classes. Importantly for me Will provides verbal commentary and guidance on technique, and equally importantly for me, he shares often humorous anecdotes which engage and enliven the classes. I heartily recommend you consider Pilates if you have not tried it before…”


"... Going to my Pilates class with tempus te is definitely a highlight of my week.  Will is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor who takes time to help each member of the class individually.  As he is also a qualified Physiotherapist I trust his instruction and know that it is doing me the world of good.  A super balance of humour, personability and professionalism in the lesson, a real find! ..." 


“…Will Bourne's Pilates Class really stretches me in all sorts of ways!

It stretches my body to do things that I didn't know it could do...

It stretches my understanding about how my body works...

It stretches my credulity that I enjoy it so much...

I'll stretch to FIVE 5 ***** STARS!…”


"... I hugely enjoy Will’s classes and wish I had started stretching and exercising long ago...however the important thing is to have started. For anyone thinking of starting: You will feel all the time that you are in capable and caring hands and the (free) pre -classes assessment is second to none - I wondered if anyone had ever taken so much notice of my bones and muscles before in my whole life...! Thank you Will! ..."


“…Will is brilliant. His Pilates classes are perfectly judged and graduated for varying abilities, and he is always vigilant for individual issues. His deep knowledge is worn lightly, and he gives just the right amount of clear direction and explanation for the exercises without ever being bossy. I wish I had found him years ago…”


"... I have done two Pilates courses with Will to date and have no intention of stopping. The initial assessment session was informative and helpful. I was having pain in my left hip and Will explained what was causing it (not the actual joint but the weak muscles surrounding it), and recommended a particular exercise. 

My posture has improved significantly, and so has my walking. And it is interesting to do the exercises as one learns why they are effective if done properly. 

Will is very knowledgeable; his manner is gentle and calm. Each session is in fact quite enjoyable... "

Lidia (68)

"... Had assessment prior to starting Pilates class locally. Very professional in comfortable surroundings and good advice received. 
Pilates class in local village hall, warm, easy to follow and Will is definitely in tune with the participants and is most mindful of everyone unique frailties. He has extra equipment if required and emails regularly with reminders for classes and any requirements to purchase extra equipment. I’m only three weeks in but am mindful of my posture and breathing and trying to incorporate good practise in my daily life. Will makes it enjoyable but challenging, has a gentle easy going teaching style whilst trying to make his students feel really good about their efforts. I would recommend to anyone especially if you are mature and wanting to remain mobile, active and well. Don't be afraid to give it a try..."

Cheryl (aged 71)

I recommend tempus te to anyone seeking a Pilates class. Will Bourne -Taylor is very well qualified: a certified Physiotherapist, who is also an experienced Pilates trainer. He evaluates each applicant in advance so that his approach is tailored to individual needs. Equally important, his encouraging approach make the classes a positive experience for all. Before I tried tempus te classes I thought I could never do Pilates because of old injuries, but now I keep signing up because I have benefitted physically and enjoy being part of the group.