Time: the one thing from which none of us can escape but that so few of us seem to have.
— Anonymous

tempus te...


One of the translations from Latin of tempus te is "time for you". And therein lies the central pillar of what I think underpins any sort of physical therapy.


I believe that whether it is the process of easing pain, recovering from injury or acting as an agent for any sort of positive change, that time is the key component in achieving the end result. 


I will always give you that time, whether through longer Physiotherapy sessions than the industry standard, or by never scheduling back-to-back appointments in clinic, and by creating exercise programmes and Pilates classes that are personalised to your needs and where you are the most important aspect.


Sometimes all that is needed is a little extra time and I want to help you find that time and show how it can go a very long way.